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Give your families
an experience they will love.
Set your college counselors up to have better conversations.

(at better than zero cost to your budget )

Can your college counselors holistically serve your families?

Your college counselor is working their hardest to ensure that each student gets into the best school for them.

But do they have time to help families establish a God-centered vision for their child's future?

How do your families define success?

The world says that your student has to get into the best college to get the best job to have the best life. 

But we know there is more to God's plan than that.

Welcome to the College Launch Experience

This coaching experience sets up your college counseling office for better conversations with students and parents about their future.

We help your students to
  • understand their God-given design 
  • craft a vision for how they can be a part of God's redemptive plan
  • and create a plan to get there

But it doesn't stop there.

We resource their parents to bring those conversations into the home and integrate these mindsets into the family - because we believe that the parents are the head coaches.

And all at better than zero cost to your budget with virtually no work on your team.

It just makes sense.

Our goal is to create an incredible experience for your families that


  1. Aligns with your school's mission 

  2. Makes you look amazing 

  3. Saves your college counselors a ton of time.

White-Labeled, On-Campus Experience

We want your school to be the hero. We want your faculty to be the Tom Brady's of each student's growth journey. I mean, who wouldn't want him on their team?

That is why holding it on your school's campus may be the best option. It gets to be yours.


Everything has your school's name and branding on it. Your website, online portal, and workbooks will all look like your school. 

Better Conversations, Better Results

Some simple things can help students and parents have more clarity and less anxiety for the future.

Likely, your college counselor spends a lot of their time trying to help families with just that: creating more clarity and quelling anxiety RATHER than having educated conversations about each student's best college fit.

We lay a foundation and give students and parents the tools to understand their design and impact their school decision-making process.

"Better Than Zero Cost To Your Budget"

Yes, better than zero cost. That means money back to your school.

Not to mention, every faculty member with a child who participates gets a discount.

Time Back To Your Team

Your team is already busy. We minimize your faculty's time investment on the front end.

And the more students that come, the more time your college counselors get back on the backend!

Better Than Zero Cost

Yes, that means money back to your school.

And also discounts for your faculty!

Learn how that works

Time Back To Your Team

Virtually no work from your team

What our team does

  • Create your custom branded website and portal

  • Onboard parents, students, and college counselors into all systems

  • Handle all payment processing and refunds if necessary

  • Answer all parent and student questions

  • Bring all printed materials and workbooks

  • Provide all the copy for any communication your team makes with parents

  • Provide custom videos, flyers, logos, and anything else your college counseling office needs to tell parents and students about the experience!

What your team does

  • Reserve the space we will use at your school

  • Tell students and parents about this incredible experience!

That's it!

We estimate that your college counselor could get up to four hours back 
per student that attends!

What does the experience look like?

We get that your school schedule is packed.


So we designed this to be a summer experience that requires very little work on your team's part while integrating best into your parents' and students' schedules.

The Format

Your students will learn through teaching, group exercises and discussions, games, and coaching moments.

Your parents will receive video overviews, conversation starters, moment-making ideas, and a "go deeper" list with additional resources for each session.

Students, parents, and your college counselor will have access to our best college fit partner platform, Envision.

The Schedule

This experience is held during the summer on your campus. 

There are eight total sessions per group.


Two sessions per day, Monday through Thursday, one-and-a-half hours each.

Engaging Experience

We have designed this experience to have students learn through story, application, games, and competition. Not to mention, our coaches are highly engaging!

Additional Coaching Opportunities

Beyond the experience, your parents will have the opportunity to schedule additional one-on-one sessions with their coach during the semester.

We know that the "summer camp" high needs supplementation. Our goal is to equip the parents to continue those conversations, but we offer one-on-ones to provide additional support, consistency, and accountability!

There Is Limited Availability

Schedule a call with us to see if the College Launch Experience is a good fit for your school!

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Schools We Have Worked With

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