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Making Wise Decisions

Growing In Faith During College

Personal Vision + Tools

Why Launch Point?

Our team has over a decade of experience helping young adults and students as they look toward their future.


We have invested tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to understand, communicate, and coach biblical decision-making, and how to thrive as a Christian in individualistic and secular environments like universities and the workplace

Why These Resources?

We have created these free resources as a starting point to help you and your child as you look towards their future so that they can grow in their faith, make wise decisions, and develop a vision for their future with the tools to get there.

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The Top Tactics For Making Wiser Decisions

Your child (and you too) can use these tactics right now to help them make wiser, better decisions about their future (and really just about anything else).

These tactics are designed to work for small, everyday decisions, all the way up to big life decisions like where to go to college!

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The Student's Guide To Getting The Best Advice From The Best People

Getting great advice is a skill... But when you know how to, it is easy to do!

Your child will learn how to identify:

1. Whom they should actually get advice from

2. How to ask for that person's help and

3. A list of specific questions to get the most out of their conversation!

Making Wise Decisions

Great For All High School Ages

Making Wise Decisions
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The FREE "How To Grow Your Faith In College" Checklist

Preparing for college can be overwhelming. All of the classes, applications, grades, essays... but what shouldn't be overwhelming is wondering:

• Will I have friends?

• Will I have fun?

• Will I be able to keep my faith?

The answer to all of those is, yes! You can! And this simple checklist will help you think through how you can make that happen before you ever step foot on campus!

Growing In Your Faith In College

Designed For Juniors and Seniors

Growing In Faith
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Step-By-Step Guide To Clarifying Your Decisions About The Future

(coming soon)

Do you have the start of a vision for your future? Are you trying to figure out how to decide where to go to college, or make another big decision that fits within a vision of who you want to become?

This Step-By-Step Video Guide and Worksheet will help you to get more clarity and confidence!

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Craft Your Personal Vision For The Future

The High School Student's Walk Through (coming soon)

Does your student have a clear vision for where they are going and for who they will become once they get there?


This walk through will help them to think through how to think about their own vision for their future, with greater conviction and motivation.

Vision For The Future + The Tools To Get There

Built For Sophomores and Juniors

Vision + Path
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